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Faceted Glass Windows for Evans Funeral Home Chapel in Forest Hill, MD

     In 2011, Laws Stained Glass Studios provided six faceted glass windows with new aluminum frames for the new chapel at Evans Funeral Home in Forest Hill, MD.  Since Evans Funeral Home serves people from all types of beliefs, they wanted their windows to depict something beautiful in nature.  They chose scenes that depict the natural beauty of the west.  Laws Stained Glass Studios worked with architect Merrill A. Messick, III AIA at Marshall Craft Associates, Inc. to develop the designs.  Artist Vincent Ketchie at Laws Stained Glass Studios designed the windows.  Three of the windows are 76" wide x 154" high with a round top, and the other three windows are 78" diameter round windows.  

Faceted glass window

Faceted glass window


Interior view of faceted glass window

Exterior view of faceted glass window


Round faceted glass window at the lobby entrance.

This is an interior window with no external lighting.  It is located between the chapel and lobby.

Round faceted glass window located behind the pulpit.


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Evans Funeral Home Chapel

3 Newport Drive

Forest Hill, MD  21050


3 Newport Drive, Forest Hill, MD 21050