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Why Us?

Full-Service Studio

Laws Stained Glass Studios, Inc. is a full-service stained glass studio.  We produce all of our own hand-stained artwork.  Our art department produces unique artwork for our studio as well as other studios.  We make our own aluminum frames.  We custom make our frames to accommodate your unique window opening.


Decades of Experience

We have years of experience.  We have been in business since 1947.  We are proud of our work and we stand by our products.

Thousands of References

Since we are a large studio and have been making stained glass windows for so many years, we have many references.  Every job that we complete is a reference for us.  We make sure that every customer is satisfied with their finished stained glass window.  Call us for references near you or we would be glad to mail you our installation booklet.

Who We Are

We are artisans, craftsmen, and artists dedicated to providing beautiful stained glass windows for churches.  

All of our work is hand-crafted.  We make new windows of opalescent glass, cathedral glass, hand-stained glass, hand-stained pictorial glass, or faceted glass.  We provide new aluminum frames or set the stained glass windows into existing frames.  Where it is necessary, we flash the outside wood frame or paint it.  We provide protective covering for new stained glass windows as well as for older ones.

We repair or restore existing stained glass windows with the utmost care.  There are many ways to repair or restore leaded glass windows, but some of the methods used are not always necessary and end up deteriorating the windows at a greater cost.  We will inspect your windows and determine the best way structurally, aesthetically, and economically to repair them.

Our goal is to enhance houses of worship with beautiful stained glass windows.  Give us a call at 

1-800-820-1292 so that we can begin helping you today!

I can't think of a greater joy than working in the sanctuary surrounded by all these stained glass with the light streaming in.  This church has been here about 10 years or so and the windows are still just as beautiful. I just wanted to thank you for the initial work you put into these creations, but, more importantly,  for the enjoyment received by many, many people who have graced our pews.  They have been touched by the same beauty as I have been.

Kathy- Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Call 1-800-820-1292 for more information!