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Stained Glass Window Library

*Note that Laws Stained Glass Studios has installed over 6000 jobs.  For the complete list, click here.  

The lists below are organized to help you find windows with certain elements quickly.  Click on the links to get to the articles and pictures.  Note that Laws has many more designs than the ones listed here.  Give us a call at 1-800-820-1292 to send you brochures and our catalog.

Windows by Shape

          Square Top

           Round Top

           Gothic Top

           Pointed Top

           Round Windows

           Other Shapes

Windows by Glass Type




           Hand-Stained Pictorial


Windows by Size

          Large Windows (over 40 sq. ft.)

           Medium Windows (15 to 40 sq. ft.)

           Small Windows (15 sq. ft. & under)

Windows with Artwork

          12" Round Biblical Scenes

          12" Round Symbols

          Medallions with Biblical Scenes

          Symbols - Medallion or Cut-in

          Floating Figures or Scenes




Windows by Denomination

          Catholic                                Lutheran                          Mennonite, Quaker

          Orthodox                              Presbyterian                    AME, AME Zion, & CME

          Baptist                                  Episcopal                        Pentecostal

          Methodist & Wesleyan         7th Day Adventists          Other


Other Categories

           Windows without Artwork

           Pulpit or Altar Windows


           Funeral Homes


           Double Windows