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To display stained glass on interior walls like behind baptisteries, Laws also provides wooden light boxes.  Birch wood is used to make the box.  Depending on the size of the box and the location, we use different ways to access the light bulbs.

NEW - Light Boxes with LED lights!

Technology keeps improving.  For years, we have been working on improved lighting for light boxes.  Finally, we have LED lights that are cost effective and proficient in lighting stained glass.  Below are links to a few jobs with LED lights:

        Long Valley, NJ - Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church

        Bellevue, NE - St. James United Methodist Church

        Marion, NC - Chad Beam Funeral Services Licensee

        Monroe, NC - Benton Heights Presbyterian Church

        Dallas, TX - Christ Episcopal Church

        Newland, NC - Hughes Community Church 

        Vansant, VA- Victory Baptist Church


Access the bulbs from the front with Operable Aluminum Frame

If the light boxes are small enough (less than 15 square feet), then we can make an operable aluminum frame to access the light bulbs from the front side. 

Small light box with operable aluminum frame

Light box hung high on a wall

Small light box with operable aluminum frame


Round light box window with operable aluminum

frame that swings open from the bottom 

Light box recessed into wall


Side view of recessed box

Access the bulbs through Removal Panels on the sides

If there is enough room on the sides of the box, the easiest way to access the light bulbs is by removal panels on the sides.  Note that the fluorescent bulbs are running horizontally.

Light box with removal panel on side

Same light box with the stained glass & panel removed

Access the bulbs from the backside

Sometimes, the best way to access the light bulbs is through the backside of the box via doors.  Note that there must be enough room for the doors to swing open.  This may be tricky when the ceiling of the room on the other side is not the same height or there is some other obstruction.

Light boxes recessed into wall with stained facing board

Light boxes with vertical bulbs.  Note that the boxes have doors on the backside that are cracked open.

Featured Light Box Windows

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