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Cathedral Stained Glass Windows Installed at Calvary Temple Christian Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut

      In 2011, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed three new cathedral glass windows at Calvary Temple Christian Church in Bridgeport, CT.  The three existing windows had deteriorated and were in need of replacement.  Laws installed new windows which contained customized symbolism that was hand-painted.  The large gothic window (size 96" wide x 167" high) contained a large cut-in symbol at the top.  The two smaller windows which were sizes 31" diameter and 42" diameter, each contained a 12" round symbol.  A new aluminum frame was provided for the large window and all windows received 1/4" Lucite acrylic as their protective covering

Church before the installation

Deteriorated window that was replaced with a new cathedral glass window


Cathedral glass window with hand-stained symbol

Cathedral glass window with 12" round custom symbol that is hand-stained


Close-up of the hand-stained symbol

     Close-up of the other hand-stained symbol

Cathedral glass window with new aluminum frame and 1/4" Lucite as protective covering


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Calvary Temple Christian Church

319 Barnum Avenue

Bridgeport, CT  06608

(203) 368-3011

319 Barnum Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06608