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Repair of Stained Glass and new Protective Covering at Augsburg Lutheran Church in Winston Salem, NC

     In 2000, Frank L. Blum Construction Company was doing a renovation at Augsburg Lutheran Church in Winston Salem, NC.  During the renovation, Laws Stained Glass Studios restored two of the stained glass windows, provided new aluminum frames, and 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering for them. One window (size 34" wide x 158" high with a gothic top) had a hand-stained glass pictorial scene where a number of the pieces like the hands, face, and feet were broken.  Laws remade the broken pieces and re-leaded the entire window.  The other window (size 24" wide x 129" high with a gothic top) was made of opalescent glass and in reasonable good shape.  It did not have any bulges and just a few pieces of broken glass.  Laws replaced the broken glass.  These windows with their new frames were installed into the new openings provided by the contractor.

     In 2015, Laws Stained Glass Studios returned to Augsburg Lutheran Church.  Laws inspected all the leaded windows and found them in good shape.  Only one window had a missing brace that had fallen off.  But the old protective covering was in poor shape.  3/16" Lexan polycarbonate had been installed previously and had yellowed and became milky white.  It had been screwed up directly to the exterior wood frame which did not allow for expansion and contraction.

     In 2016, Laws Stained Glass Studios came to the church to provide new protective covering and fix the one missing brace.  The scope of the work included:

      • Removing the old discolored protective covering.
      • Remove all loose putty and re-glaze the leaded windows into the frame.
      • Scrape off loose paint, prime and paint (1) finish coat of paint.
      • Clean windows on the outside.
      • Provide and install an almond color aluminum angle frame with stops for all windows, except the D Window.  The new protective covering will be installed over the D Window as it is because there is not enough room for a frame or stops.
      • Install new 1/4" Lucite acrylic protective covering into the new almond aluminum angle frame.  The Lucite will be caulked using a clear silicone caulk.
      • New almond aluminum t-bars will be installed to divide the sections of Lucite.
      • 1" aluminum vent buttons will be installed into the Lucite protective covering to allow air flow between the protective covering and the stained glass windows.

Pictorial window that re-leaded in 2001 and placed into a new aluminum frame

Opalescent glass window that was repaired and installed into a new aluminum frame in 2001


Old Protective Covering

                                                            View of the old Lexan polycarbonate that has yellowed and discolored.

Another view of the old Lexan that has discolored.

Bulging window that needs straightening and more braces

Another close-up of the old Lexan installation


Notice how much discolored the old Lexan on these windows are.  They have discolored more than the windows in the shade because they receive more direct sunlight.  The ultraviolet light from the sun cause Lexan polycarbonate to discolor or yellow.


New Protective Covering

View of the new 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering.  Note that Lucite acrylic stays clear, and the sunlight does not change its color.


Windows with new 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering


View of the Good Shepherd window with the new 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering.  Note how the Lucite is floated and caulked in an aluminum frame.

Close-up showing the almond color aluminum framing 

Close-up showing the framing at the bottom of the window before the Lucite is installed


New 1/4" Lucite acrylic protective covering with vent buttons to allow airflow and help prevent condensation

New 1/4" Lucite acrylic protective covering set into an aluminum frame.  Note the vent buttons at the top and bottom.


Existing Stained Glass Windows Made by Another Studio

Beautiful old pictorial window that is in good shape.  Unsure of who made it, but the church has kept it up well.

Another beautiful old window that has been well taken care of.


The window on the left is an opalescent glass window and the window on the right is hand-stained glass window, both made by another studio.

Opalescent glass window made by another studio


Hand-stained glass window

Opalescent glass window


This is a very elegant leaded glass window which is made of different textured clear glass.  This was made by an unknown studio.

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