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Stained Glass Windows at Black Oak Baptist Church in Oneida, TN

     In 2012, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed (20) opalescent glass windows at Black Oak Baptist Church in Oneida, TN.  The twenty sanctuary windows (size 38" wide by 85" high) each had a 12" round hand-stained symbol.  They did not have a memorial plate.  The church was building a new sanctuary and so all of the windows received new white aluminum frames.  Eight of the windows are interior windows which did not receive protective covering.  The other twelve received 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering on the outside.

New white aluminum frames set into the stud openings.  The contractor covers the frames with plastic to protect them while the masons lay the brick to them.

In this picture you can see an exterior window and an interior window.

View of the white aluminum frame set into the stud opening from the inside.


View from the outside showing where the masons have laid the bricks to the frames and the opalescent glass windows have been installed on the inside while the 1/4" Lucite acrylic was installed on the outside.


New white aluminum frame with 1/4" Lucite acrylic installed

Close-up of the white aluminum frame installed into the brick opening

Close-up of the installation at the botttom


New opalescent glass window with a 12" round symbol set into new white aluminum frames

Opalescent glass window with a 12" round symbol


Opalescent glass window with 12" round symbol of "the ark of the covenant"

Another view of an opalescent glass window with a 12" round symbol (Note that the background glass is the same color as the previous photos.  It just looks different with varying amounts of light.)


New opalescent glass window with "Burning Bush" symbol set into the new white aluminum frame

Close-up of the symbol "Faith, Hope, & Charity"

Close-up of the symbol "A Mighty Fortress"

Close-up of the "Peace Dove" symbol

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Black Oak Baptist Church

1000 Leatherwood Rd.

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1000 Leatherwood Rd, Oneida, TN 37841