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Stained Glass Windows at First Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Newtown, VA

     In 2016, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed (8) opalescent glass windows at First Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Newtown, VA.  The eight windows (size 40" wide x 66" high) each have a red cross in the center and a memorial plate at the bottom.  
     Laws began the installation by removing the existing wood sashes.  The leaded opalescent glass windows were installed into the existing wood frame.  On the outside, Laws placed 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering.

View of the church before the installation

View of the sanctuary from the balcony


Close-up of the existing window from the inside

View inside the sanctuary of the existing windows


New Opalescent Glass Windows

Opalescent glass window with a cross and a memorial plate

Opalescent glass window with a cross and a memorial plate


Close-up of the memorial plate area (This church chose scripture to be on the memorial plates.)

Close-up of the steel braces that are horizontal and vertical

Opalescent glass window set into the wood frame


Opalescent glass windows with 1/4" Lucite acrylic on the outside as the protective covering

Close-up of a window on the outside

Contact Information

First Mt. Olive Baptist Church

7820 Newtown Rd.

Newtown, VA 23126

(804) 769-4550

7820 Newtown Rd. Newtown, VA 23126