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Stained Glass Window Restoration at First Christian Church in Morehead, Kentucky

     In 2016, Laws Stained Glass Studios provided repair work on (19) stained glass windows at First Christian Church in Morehead, Kentucky.  Laws initially inspected the windows in 2015.  The leaded windows had some bulging at the bottom, but the lead was in good shape.  There was some broken glass and loose braces as well.  The church had existing 1/4" plate glass which had protected the windows on the outside.  But the glazing had come loose in places and needed to be replaced, and the outside wood frames and steel ventilators needed painting.

     The scope of the repair work on the inside included the following:

          - Replacing some broken glass

          - Re-soldering some memorial plates back on.

          - Re-soldering some loose braces.

          - Straightening bulges at the bottom of the windows and installing (2) additional upright braces.

          - Removing chains from the ventilators and permanently closing all ventilators.

          - Cleaning the inside of the windows.

     The scope of the repair work on the outside included the following:

          - Removing the existing plate glass.

          - Chipping off the loose putty and re-glazing polyurethane glazing.

          - Painting the inner steel T-bars and ventilators with rust resistant paint.

          - Scraping, priming, and painting the perimeter wood frame and glazing with one finish coat of paint.

          - Clean the exterior of the stained glass windows.

          - Clean the existing plate glass.

          - Re-install the existing plate glass.

     Laws also found some rotten wood sills.  Laws replaced the rotten wood and primed and painted it with a finish coat of paint. 

View of the church from the outside before the restoration work

Another view of the sanctuary windows from the outside

View of the existing window from the outside

View of an existing window from the inside


View of the bulging at the bottom of the windows

Close-up of the bulging in another window


Broken piece of green glass

A few pieces of broken amber glass


Close-up showing where the glass has pulled away from the lead

View of the existing opalescent glass windows on the interior


Stained Glass Repair and Restoration Work

The existing horizontal brace has been notched to receive the new vertical brace.

New vertical brace attached to the horizontal braces.


View of a straighten window with new vertical braces

Another view of a straighten window


View showing the ventilators open before they are permanently shut.

View of a cleaned small window


Re-glazing the ventilator section and painting it.


Working on the outside of the windows

Ventilators taken out and the steel frame is being cleaned and painted.


Window sill with rotten wood

Replaced window sill


Window sill replaced and repainted

View from the lift

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First Christian Church

227 E Main St.

Morehead, KY 40351

(606) 784-4836

227 E Main St, Morehead, KY 40351