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Hand-Stained Pictorial Glass Windows Installed at Stickler Residence in Lewes, DE

      In 2010, Laws Stained Glass Studios made two hand-stained pictorial glass windows for Mitchell C. Stickler in Lewes, Delaware.  One window (size 21" wide x 35" high) depicts Mary, the mother of Jesus.  The other window (size 36" wide x 53" high) depicts Jesus Christ, the Savior.  The windows were shipped to Mr. Stickler in Delaware for him to install.  The windows were painted by Laws chief artist Nina Haynes.

Hand-Stained Pictorial glass window of "Jesus Christ" before shipping

Close-up showing the detail in Jesus's face


Hand-Stained Pictorial glass window of "Mary, mother of Jesus"

Close-up showing the details of Mary's face


Contact Information

Mitchell C. Stickler

Lewes, DE 19958