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Stained Glass Windows at Cedar Hill Baptist Church in LaFollette, TN

     In 2009, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed (11) opalescent glass windows at Cedar Hill Baptist Church in LaFollette, TN.  The church was building a new sanctuary.  The eight side windows (size 40" wide x 76" high) did not contain artwork or a memorial plate.  The two large windows (76" wide x 214" high with a round top) both contained a cross.  The window behind the pulpit (size 70" wide x 103" high with a round top) has a hand-stained glass cross.
     For the installation, Laws installed the new dark bronze aluminum frames into the masonry opening.  On the inside of the frame, the leaded, opalescent glass window was set.  On the outside, 1/4" Lucite acrylic was installed as the protective covering.  

Church sign out front

View of one of the large windows being installed. Here it just has the dark bronze frame and 1/4" Lucite installed.  Note that the paper is still on the Lucite on the inside.


During construction, the opalescent glass windows have been installed with dark bronze aluminum frames.

Another view during construction

One of the eight side windows.  This window is made of opalescent glass and is set into a dark bronze aluminum frame.


One of the large opalescent glass windows with a cross set into a dark bronze aluminum frame.

The opalescent glass window behind the pulpit with a hand-stained glass cross.  It is installed into a dark bronze aluminum frame.

View of the windows from the outside with dark bronze aluminum frames and 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering

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