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Faceted  Glass Windows at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Harford, Connecticut

      In 1999, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed (20) faceted glass windows at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Hartford, CT.  The ten sanctuary windows (size 40" wide x 132" high) each contain a symbol.  The two smaller windows (size 31" wide x 103" high) and the eight windows (size 12" wide x 49" high) did not have symbols, but were designed to match the other windows.  

     Laws removed the existing windows and installed the faceted glass panels into the existing wood frame.

     In 2016, Laws Stained Glass Studios returned and installed a transom (size 84" wide x 8" high).

Exterior view of the faceted glass windows installed in 1999

Another exterior view of the faceted glass windows

Close-up view of the faceted glass window


Faceted glass window on the outside

Front of the church with the road crew installing the new faceted glass transom


Faceted glass window with a symbol

                                 Faceted glass windows with a gothic-top and a symbol

Interior view of the faceted glass windows


Close-up of the faceted glass window with "The Word" symbol

Close-up of the "Ascension" symbol


Faceted glass window with the inside lights on during a cloudy day.

Close-up of the "Creation" symbol


Close-up of the "Fall of Man" symbol

Interior view of the other side


Small faceted glass windows and the transom

View of the same windows to the left from the outside

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