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Hand-Stained Glass Windows at Bethel Lutheran Church in Firth, Idaho

     In 2011, members of Bethel Lutheran Church contacted Laws Stained Glass Studios.  Bethel had been raising money for about 10 years for stained glass windows to be placed behind the pulpit.  However, they would need to cut openings in the wall because no window existed there.  Laws sent them some ballpark prices to help determine the type of glass and design that they were interested in.  

     Later in 2012, Laws' artist Vincent Ketchie made a color sketch for them along with a drawing of the sizes for the openings. The window group consisted of four different windows.  In the two bottom windows, there were hand-stained pictorial floating figures of Christ, one depicted him "Ascending" and the other of him "Blessing the Little Children."   The church liked the design and proceeded with the project.

     In 2013, Laws made the hand-stained glass windows and aluminum frames.  The church had a local contractor to prepare the rough openings.  Laws installed the dark bronze aluminum frames into the openings and placed 1/4" Lucite acrylic on the outside as the protective covering.

The hand-stained glass sketch provided to the church for their approval

View of the new windows from the exterior with dark bronze aluminum frames and 1/4" Lucite acrylic as protective covering


View of the new hand-stained glass windows.  (Note the cross leaning against the wall on the right side.  It will be placed in the center ot the window group.)

The new hand-stained glass windows with floating figures of Christ - on the left "Christ Ascending" and on the right "Jesus Blessing the Little Children"


Close-up of the hand-stained floating figures of Christ

Close-up showing the new dark bronze aluminum frame installed into the new opening with 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering

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413 N Main St, Firth, ID 83236