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Stained Glass Window at Fairlawn Presbyterian Church in Fairlawn, VA

     In 2012, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed a large cathedral glass window at Fairlawn Presbyterian Church in Fairlawn, VA.  The large window (size 76" wide x 222" high with a pointed top) has a red cross with a sunburst design.  
     Laws began the installation by removing the existing glass and the big, heavy steel frame.  After it was removed, Laws installed a new dark bronze aluminum frame from the brick to the brick.  On the interior of the frame, the leaded, cathedral glass was set.  On the exterior, Laws installed a 1" clear annealed, insulated glass unit as the protective covering.
     In addition to the new window, Laws Stained Glass Studios also repaired some opalescent and hand-stained glass windows in the chapel.  The repair consisted of replacing some broken glass, straightening two bulges, and adding some steel braces.

View of the existing window before the installation

Close-up of the existing window on the inside

View of the existing large window before the installation (with a ladder in front of it)


Laws' worker removing the steel frame

The removed steel frame


New dark bronze aluminum frame with a 1" thick Insulated Glass Unit

Another view of the new frame and Insulated Glass Unit as the protective covering


Cathedral glass window with a red cross set into a dark bronze aluminum frame


Another view of the cathedral glass window

Another view showing the rich color of the cathedral glass window

Close-up showing the installation of the cathedral glass window into the new dark bronze aluminum frame


Repair on existing stained glass windows in the chapel

Bulge to be repaired in an existing hand-stained glass window in the chapel

Laws' worker repairing the bulge and broken glass

View of the repaired bulge


Close-up showing the broken glass on the border of this "Knocking at the Door" window

View of the replaced glass

Laws' foreman Greg adding a new steel brace to this window

Contact Information

Farilawn Presbyterian Church

6900 Pulaski Ave

Fairlawn, VA 24141

(540) 639-2653

6900 Pulaski Ave, Fairlawn, VA 24141