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Pictorial Hand-Stained Glass Window installed at Christ Episcopal Church in Dallas, TX

     In July 2015, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed a hand-stained pictorial glass window depicting "Our Lady of Guadalupe" at Christ Episcopal Church in Dallas, TX.  When Christ Episcopal Church contacted Laws, they explained how they wanted a window to complement their existing stained glass windows, which are very beautiful.  However, they did not have a empty window opening.  So Laws Stained Glass provided a wooden light box with LED lights. 

     Laws' designer Vincent Ketchie worked with the church in creating a unique design that would match the existing windows and be aesthetically pleasing.  Below to the left is the sketch that Mr. Ketchie presented to the church.  Laws' artist Nina Haynes created the resulting cartoon (the full-scale charcoal sketch), and she painted the window.  Below in the center and to the right are photos of the finished stained glass window.

     Laws' road crew drove to Dallas, TX and installed the light box and the leaded window.

Watercolor with pen & ink sketch

Photo of the finished window in the light box

Close-up of the Lady of Guadalupe

Close-up of Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin


Contact Information:

Christ Episcopal Church

534 West Tenth Street

Dallas, Texas 75208

Telephone: 214-941-0339


534 West Tenth Street, Dallas, TX 75208