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New Protective Covering for the Stained Glass Windows at St. John's Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC

     In 2011, Laws Stained Glass Studios provided new protective covering for (22) stained glass windows at St. John's Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC.  The sizes were as follows:  (10) windows 73-1/2" wide x 220 high, (7) windows 73-1/2" wide x 98" high, and (5) windows 68" wide x 18" high.  St. John's Baptist Church has beautiful opalescent glass windows with a symbol at the top and a grape vine border.  They have taken care of their old windows and had Lexan polycarbonate on the outside as the protective covering.  The windows are in good shape without bulges or glass breakage.  
     When the Lexan was installed, it was not floated, but was directly screwed to the wood frame.  Laws removed the existing Lexan, and scraped off any loose paint from the exterior wood.  After scraping, Laws primed the wood and painted two coats of almond exterior paint.  Next, Laws installed new 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering.  It covers the entire window brick to brick. The 1/4" Lucite is held in place with (1) row of 1/2" x 1/2" almond aluminum stop and an almond aluminum T-bar frame.

View of the existing windows with Lexan polycarbonate from outside

Another view of the existing windows on the outside

Close-up of an existing window from the outside with the screwed-on Lexan


Close-up of an existing window from the outside

Close-up of a window with the Lexan removed

Close-up of a existing transom from the outside


Existing opalescent glass window set into the existing wood frame from the inside.  Note that the windows are straight and in good shape.


New 1/4" Lucite acrylic as protective covering.  Note the almond color T-bar frame that was used to match the shape of the existing sashes.


Opalescent glass window with new 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering

Close-up showing the new painted wood frame, new 1/4" Lucite, and the almond color T-bar frame with stops.


Existing opalescent glass windows with new 1/4" Lucite acrylic on the exterior as the protective covering

Another exterior view of the new protective covering


View of an existing opalescent glass window from the inside

Close-up view of the opalescent glass window.  Note how straight it is and the condition of the lead and braces.  The lead is old, but it is still doing a good job.  Laws did not perform any repair work on the leaded glass windows.


Close-up showing the quality of the lead and steel braces.  Note they are still in good shape and not in need of repair.  However, there are two pieces of broken glass in the bottom right hand corner.  They could be replaced, but it may detract aestethically from the window if they are not matched well.  

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