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Faceted Glass Windows at Morris Memorial Baptist Church in Casar, NC

     In 2011, Laws Stained Glass Studios provided (8) faceted glass windows for Morris Memorial Baptist Church in Casar, NC.  Morris Memorial Baptist Church was constructing a new fellowship hall.  Five of the windows are size 36" wide by 72" high with a round top.  Two round windows were 48" in diameter, and one round window was 24" in diameter.  Each window received a white aluminum frame.  Laws installed the white aluminum frame into the new brick openings and the faceted glass panels were set into the frames, held in place with 1/2" x 1/2" aluminum stops.

This is a view of the installed faceted glass windows with white aluminum frames during the construction.  Note the sunburst design.


Round faceted glass window in a white aluminum frame (during construction).

New white aluminum frame with opalescent glass window (during construction).


Faceted glass windows with a sunburst design set into white aluminum frames (during construction)

Faceted glass window in white aluminum frame

Faceted glass window with a white aluminum frame set into the brick opening


New white aluminum frames set into the brick openings with 1/4" Lucite acrylic on the exterior as the protective covering

Close-up of the white aluminum frame installation of a round window

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Morris Memorial Baptist Church

421 Moriah Church Rd

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421 Moriah Church Rd, Casar, NC 28020