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Stained Glass Windows at Three Springs United Methodist Church in Bristol, VA

     In 2010, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed (12) hand-stained pictorial glass windows at Three Springs United Methodist Church in Bristol, VA.  The seven main windows (size 36" wide x 54" high) had the following scenes:  the Nativity, Blessing the Little Children, the Baptism, the Wedding at Cana, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Crucifixion, and the Ascension.  The three windows in the balcony area (size 24" wide up to 66" high) were all designed together into a "Good Shepherd" scene.  The two sidelight windows (24" wide x 82" high) depict "Jesus Knocking at the Door", and "Jesus Come Unto Me".
     For the main windows, Laws Stained Glass Studios removed the existing wood sashes that had Krinkle glass (fiberglass).  The outside wood frames were covered with dark bronze flashing.  On top of the flashing, new dark bronze aluminum frames were installed.  On the interior, the leaded glass windows were set.  On the exterior, 1/4" Lucite acrylic was installed as the protective covering.  For the other windows, the stained glass and protective covering were set into the existing dark bronze aluminum frames.

View of the existing windows before the installation

View of the existing windows from the inside before the installation (Note that these windows have Krinkle glass - a thin, transparent fiberglass.)


New Pictorial Windows

Hand-stained pictorial glass window of "The Wedding at Cana"

Hand-stained pictorial glass window of "The Baptism"


Hand-stained pictorial glass window of "The Nativity"

Hand-stained pictorial glass window of "The Garden of Gethsemane"


Hand-stained pictorial glass window of "The Blessing of the Little Children"

Pictorial glass windows set into a dark bronze aluminum frame

Windows in the balcony area with the "Good Shepherd" scene


Sidelight window that depicts "Jesus Knocking at the Door"

View of the balcony windows and the "Come Unto Me" to the side of the door


Close-up of the wood sash removed from the wood frame

Close-up showing the dark bronze aluminum flashing being installed over the wood frame

Close-up showing the flashing, dark bronze aluminum frame and 1/4" Lucite acrylic installed


Balcony windows from the outside

View of the new windows from the outside

Contact Information

Three Springs United Methodist Church

6610 Reedy Creek Rd.

Bristol, VA 24202

(276) 466-6224

6610 Reedy Creek Rd, Bristol, VA 24202