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Faceted Glass Windows at First Baptist Church in Blountstown, FL

      In 2009, First Baptist Church in Blountstown, FL began talking to Laws Stained Glass Studios about their existing faceted glass windows.  The windows were made in 1975 by L.L. Sams.  L.L. Sams was a large church furnishing company based out of Waco, TX that is now out of business.  Laws examined the windows.  Some daylight was coming in around some of the glass and epoxy.  All of the steel frames were rusty.  In some places, the steel was completely gone.  It had rusted away.  The church decided to replace the windows with new faceted glass windows and new aluminum frames.

     In 2014, Laws Stained Glass Studios made (26) new faceted glass windows.  The six large sanctuary windows were size 35-1/2" wide by 183" high.  Laws began the installation by removing the existing faceted glass windows and the steel frames.  Laws installed new dark bronze aluminum frames into the brick openings.  The new faceted glass windows were set into the aluminum frames.

Existing faceted glass window made by LL Sams in 1975.  Note how some of the light pieces look nearly clear.

View of the existing window from the outside

Close-up showing how corroded the steel frame was.

Another close-up of the rusty steel frame


New Faceted Glass Windows and New Aluminum Frames

New faceted glass windows set into new dark bronze aluminum frames


View of the new faceted glass windows from the balcony


One of the smaller faceted glass windows

Close-up of the large window at the bottom


Close-up showing the new dark bronze aluminum frame installed into the masonry opening.  (Note that some plaster had previously fell off or came off when the steel frame was removed.)

Close-up of the new frame and faceted glass installed into the existing opening


New dark bronze aluminum frame and faceted glass installed into the existing brick opening.

View of the new windows from the outside

Another close-up of the installation on the outside


Faceted glass window

Faceted glass transom above the front doors

Faceted glass window near the stairwell

Contact Information

First Baptist Church

17091 S Main St.

Blountstown, FL 32424

(850) 674-5923

17091 S Main St. Blountstown, FL 32424