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Stained Glass Windows at Mocks United Methodist Church in Advance, NC

     In 1958, Laws Stained Glass Studios provided new (16) opalescent glass windows and steel frames for Mocks United Methodist Church in Advance, NC.  Ten of the sanctuary windows were 36" wide by 96" high and contained a 12" round hand-stained Biblical scene.  Four of the windows were 24" wide by 66" high and contained a Biblical scene as well.  Each of these (14) windows contained a hopper vent at the bottom.  Laws also installed a round window depicting the "Garden of Gethsemane" on the gable end as well as a transom.  The steel frames were installed into the masonry openings and the leaded glass windows were glazed into the steel frames.  
     The windows did not have protective covering.  So over the years, Laws would have to come and repair broken glass by the usage of the vents, flying debris, etc.  In 2012, Laws returned to Mocks UMC to re-glaze the windows into the steel frames.  The putty had lasted over 50 years!  At the same time, Laws sealed the vents shut and installed new 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering.

Work done in 1958 

Installed in 1958, Laws made the round window on the gable end, the transom, and the windows to each side.

New opalescent glass windows installed in 1958 by Laws


Picture taken in 2012 of the opalescent glass window with steel frames that were installed by Laws in 1958

Opalescent glass window with 12" hand-stained glass Biblical scene with a memorial plate


Another view of a sanctuary window which is made of opalescent glass and has a 12" round Biblical scene

One of the smaller opalescent glass windows with a Biblical scene


Work done in 2012

This is a view showing the loose putty scraped off

View of the old leaded window re-glazed with new putty


Opalescent glass window re-glazed with new putty and new 1/4" Lucite acrylic protective covering installed with dark bronze aluminum stops

Small window with new putty and new 1/4" Lucite acrylic


New 1/4" Lucite acrylic protective covering over the transom

View of the transom from the inside

View inside the sanctuary


Close-up showing the restore steel frame with a new coat of paint

Small opalescent glass window with restored steel frame


Close-up of a top section of the opalescent glass window

Close-up of the bottom section of the opalescent glass window with the restored vent section that was made inoperable

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