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Light Box Window of Christ "Come Unto Me" at Deep Creek Baptist Church in Wadesboro, NC

      In November 2014, Laws installed a new stained glass window at Deep Creek Baptist Church in Wadesboro, NC.  This window (74" wide x 74" high) has a hand-stained glass floating figure of Christ "Come Unto Me" surrounded by opalescent glass.  The window situated behind the baptistry pool and is illuminated by a light box.  The light box has a door on the backside that allows you to access the light bulbs.

Light box window with opalescent glass and a hand-stained glass, floating figure of  Christ "Come Unto Me"

View of the window from the first pew


Close-up of Christ

Side view of the window


View of the window with the lights off

View from the back showing the door open to access the light bulbs.  The white sheet that you see is called the diffusion glass.


Contact Information

Deep Creek Baptist Church

1280 Beck Rd, 

Wadesboro, NC 28170

(704) 851-3266

1280 Beck Rd, Wadesboro, NC 28170