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Stained Glass Windows at Faithway Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC

     In 2012, Laws Stained Glass Studios provided (8) opalescent glass windows for Faithway Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC.  These eight sanctuary windows (size 44" wide x 142" high) contained a 16" x 22" hand-stained glass oval with a symbol.  
     For these windows, Laws removed the existing wood sashes and installed the leaded glass windows into the existing wood frame.  On the exterior, Laws installed 1/4" Lucite acrylic as the protective covering using two rows of 1/2" x 1/2" white aluminum stop to hold it in place.

Existing windows before the installation

Close-up of the existing window from the outside before the installation 


View from the inside of the existing windows

Another view of the existing windows on the inside


Opalescent glass window with a 16" x 22" oval symbol

Close-up showing the 16" x 22" hand-stained glass oval with a symbol

Close-up of the bottom section showing the steel braces


Close-up of 16" x 22" symbol "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"

Close-up view looking up showing the steel braces installed into the wood stops

Opalescent glass window with a 16" x 22" oval symbol


View of the windows on the left side

View of the windows on the right side


Opalescent glass window set into the existing wood frames with 1/4" Lucite acrylic on the outside as the protective covering


Close-up of the 1/4" Lucite acrylic installed on the outside

Another view of the 1/4" Lucite acrylic installation

Another view of the 1/4" Lucite installation showing the T-bar that separates the sections

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610 East Lake Drive 

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610 East Lake Drive, Greensboro, NC 27401