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Stained Glass Windows at First Baptist Church of Delco in Delco, NC

     In 2011, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed (10) opalescent glass windows at First Baptist Church of Delco in Delco, NC.  The sanctuary windows (size 40" wide x 114" high) contained 18" x 26" hand-stained glass medallions with scenes from the "Life of Christ" series and a memorial plate.  
     Laws Stained Glass Studios removed the existing wood sashes and installed the opalescent glass window into the existing wood frame.  Laws left the existing plate glass on the outside in place.

Outside view of the church before the installation

Another view of the church before the installation


Existing window from the outside

Close-up of the top of the window

Close-up of the bottom of the existing window


The existing window from the inside

Inside the sanctuary before the installation

Interior view of the window jamb and the existing wood sash


Opalescent glass windows with 18" x 26" hand-stained glass medallions and a memorial plate


Opalescent glass window with 18" x 26" hand-stained glass medallion of "Blessing the Little Children" and a scripture plate

Close-up of the top of a window

Close-up of the bottom of the opalescent glass window showing the steel braces


Close-up showing the top of a window and the 18" x 26" medallion of "Knocking at the Door"

A view of the windows on the other side


Underneath the flashing, some of the window sills were rotten.

Laws replaced these window sills with new wood while leaving the existing plate glass in place.

View of the opalescent glass window set into the existing wood frame with existing 1/4" plate glass on the outside as the protective covering

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75 Kaiser Rd, Delco, NC 28436