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Stained Glass Windows in Light Boxes at Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC

     In 2006, Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church began renovating their pulpit area.  Ellen Standish, an architect, with McCulloch England Associates Architects contacted Laws Stained Glass Studios to make three light box windows behind the pulpit.  Ms. Standish, who is also a church member furnished a design for Laws' artist Vincent Ketchie to interpret into a finished sketch.  The symbol to left represents "Baptism" and the right one represents "Communion."  In the middle is a stylized, Celtic cross.
     After the sketch was approved, Laws manufactured and installed the three hand-stained glass windows.  The smaller windows are 17" wide by 59" high while the large center window is 46" wide by 82" high.  Laws used fluorescent lights in the light box which have operable doors on the backside to access them.

Sign at the church

View of the pulpit area before the new light box windows


View of the studs for the new wall in the pulpit area

Sketch for the new hand-stained glass windows


Hand-stained glass windows set into light boxes.  On the left is a symbol for "Baptism" and on the right is a symbol for "Communion".  In the middle is a stylized, Celtic cross.

Close-up of the "Baptism" symbol

Close-up of the "Communion" symbol


View of the lights in the light box with the door in the back open

Close-up view of the light box and its facing board


Another view of the windows

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1600 W Mallard Creek Church Rd Charlotte, NC 28262