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Stained Glass Windows at St. Thomas Orthodox Church in Atlanta, GA

     In 2013, Laws Stained Glass Studios installed 3 opalescent glass windows at St. Thomas Orthodox Church in Atlanta, GA.  The center window  (size 32" wide x 68" high) contains a floating figure of Christ "Come Unto Me", and the side windows (size 15-1/2" wide x 43" high) have a hand-stained symbols of the Bible and the cross.  Laws installed the leaded glass windows into an opening prepared by the church.

Color sketch of the windows

View of the openings showing where to measure with arrows


Opalescent glass window with a hand-stained glass floating figure of Christ "Come Unto Me"

Opalescent glass windows with hand-stained artwork

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St. Thomas Orthodox Church

5720 Lilburn Stone Mountain Rd

Stone Mountain, GA  30087

954 632 8473

5720 Lilburn Stone Mountain Rd Atlanta, GA 30087